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My first experience as embedded reporter #Ingress #EmbeddedReporter

I elected as XM anomaly Darsna Prime embedded reporter.

I posted these tweets as embedded reporter.

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I'll ask these questions to Roland Jarvis ローランド・ジャービスへの質問予定 #Ingress #DarsanaPrime

3月23日のXMアノマリーイベント、Darsana Prime Tokyoに、ローランド・ジャービスが登場する事を受けて、随行レポーターとなったRuinDigはジャービスへの質問を募集しようと考えた。


XM Anomaly event, Darsana Prime Tokyo will have March 23rd, at there, Roland Jarvis will come. I invited questions to Roland Jarvis as embedded reporter at Darsana Prime Tokyo.

I invited questions to Roland Jarvis from Ingress community called "Project Lycaeum" and "Operation: Essex", 12 questions are submitted. Thank you. What does Roland Jarvis will answer to us is unexpectable. I can't gurantee asking all 12 questions.

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アメリカでのアニメ『イングレス』の公式プレビューイベント(2019.3.14) #Ingress #IngressAnime





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