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Info : press conference of Ingress Prime at Niantic Japan #Ingress

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英語で。In English article.

On December 4th, press conference about Ingress Prime was held at Niantic Japan.

k-tai watch

Cnet Japan
Famitsu App:

These artcles are written in Japanese., k-tai watch and have demo play movie in their article. 

As Enlightened Today said, 

These are the major points which will be new in the Scanner revealed by a Niantic designer.
- You can now turn the map with one finger
- A main button was installed at the lower center of the screen
   - Lift up and you can fire as it is
   - Tap to inventory, portal keys, store
      - Portal key separated from inventory
- Hack
   - Hack by tapping normally
   - Flick and choose glyph hacks as well
- Link preview before linking (it will not stick to the wrong place)
- The Portal being attacked became easier to understand

In addition, I arranged infomation from each media,
- IngressPrime will launch as major update, so your agent profile and gameplay rules are same as Ingress. But the story will be new.
- "IngressPrime" animation movie work is making now.
- Ingress Prime will have VR compatible. It's supposed to be used for operating agents. This is demo play at conference from This is my Twitter moment about conference and reaction of agents, all of tweeted in Japanese.

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