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My first experience as embedded reporter #Ingress #EmbeddedReporter

I elected as XM anomaly Darsna Prime embedded reporter.

I posted these tweets as embedded reporter.

Well, The anomaly rule doesn't have enough time to rest, so agents are focused on scanner screen many times, it wasn't easy to call agents to take photos, in my viewpoint. It seems to be needed enough rest time. I made this feedback to Andrew Krug, Ingress global community manager at Niantic.





Take photos at community area and stock for Anomaly measurement time is good judge, because I couldn't catch agents at latter half Anomaly measurement time. I didn't join the Resistance team, but take photos only one faction agents is not embedded reporter role. I was told before Anomaly, photo posts doesn't need realtime, you can stock for Anomaly measurement time.

But embedded reporter work was totally great and had fun, if I have some oppotunities again in the future, I'll try again embedded reporter.

...For the first time Anomaly in three years, I'm sooo tired.


Postscript on 2019.4.18: I wrote about embedded reporter process. Please check it also.