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Feedback to Twitter #7

Feedback to Twitter, No.7.

A blog article about retired Twitter. Let me make some points.

It said:

He use Twitter about 10years.

The reason is, Twitter is the platform which easy to write.

  1. Limited 140 characters in Japanese.
  2. Loose/relaxed interaction with others
  3. We can use mute or other options when we don't want to see some contents.

1. Limited 140 characters in Japanese: It works on make summarize in one tweet.

2. Loose/relaxed interaction with others: Following, the one-way interaction, not so easy to see comment to tweets, these make easy to write tweets.

3. We can use mute or other options when we don't want to see some contents: It makes briefly what you want to say on tweet.

Then, he said why he ritired Twitter.

Twitter, Inc. doesn't understand these features on Twitter and it is not responsibility.

  1. Suspended account arbitrary.
  2. Delete past tweets.
  3. Effect delete past tweets to outside of Twitter; websites, third party Twitter service.

1. Suspended account arbitrary: "arbitrary" means, process of suspended and cancellation account is undemocratic. There's application criteria difference above users(ex. evident hate speaker doesn't suspended).

2. Delete suspended accounts tweets: "tweets with some problem words" is different from "their existence". So there is no validity with deleting all.

3. It is even more abnormal to have a rule that even statements reprinted on other sites such as Twilog are made invisible at the same time by the arbitrary decision of Twitter, which means that you have no control over the existence of what you write.

4. So to speak, this is "words ownership" issues. Say something on a certain platform doesn't mean that we've handed over those words, and that shouldn't be the case. We should be able to control or manage the words we write. However, in the current implementation, our "words" are essentially owned by the platform company.


I'm mostly agree with this. Account suspended with delete/hide all tweets/retweets/likes doesn't have any profit for us as make Twitter Moments, embed tweets, third party tweets log system e.t.c. Must be change some Twitter rules(terms or policies or something) with disconnect suspended accounts and delete tweets relationship then keep tweets as a important record.


It should have like this message next to Twitter account name. No need to delete/hide all tweets/retweets/likes.