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Feedback to Twitter #6

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On Novemver 11th, 2020, Fleets on Twitter was launched.

The "home" timeline and the Timeline Algorithm on the own timeline made users concern about the number of retweets and likes, and thus discouraged casual tweeting. So that's why Fleets rolling out on Twitter, I thought.

"The more mature a social networking site becomes, the less value meaningless tweets and stupid reply tweets have in the social network (this can be seen from the fact that only the tweets with the highest scores are put on the timeline). When this happens, users will be under behavioral pressure to tweet something meaningful, valuable, and interesting."

"Tweets with URLs have a huge drop in impression. n=1, but some have less than 1/10 impression.

Outbound posts that encourage people to leave Twitter will be penalized. Twitter's policy is "stay in Twitter, step on the ads.

The days when Twitter strategy was content strategy are over, now it's algorithm strategy."

"After analyzing various accounts, I found that

  • Multiple hashtags
  • Tweets with URLs

It seems that the combination of Multiple hashtags and Tweets with URLs will receive the most severe display penalty. Even if you have 200,000 followers, the penalty stops at double-digit likes.

I can feel Twitter, Inc.'s strong policy to never display tweets for advertising purposes or not paid for Twitter."