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Explain the Embedded Reporter process at Ingress XM Anomaly event #Ingress

This blog article explains about the Embedded Reporter process at Ingress XM Anomaly event.

Ingress agent RuinDig who did embedded reporter at Darsana Prime Tokyo wrote this article for who applies embedded reporter at Ingress XM Anomaly event in the future.

Notice: This process based on RuinDig's embedded reporter experience at Darsana Prime Tokyo. There is possiblity of change process in the future.

1. Fill out the application form

Application form of Abaddon Prime was this.

Important: There is no requirements of where you live in. You can join as embedded reporter at overseas countries. Some Ingress agents had joined overseas Anomaly events as embedded reporter.

Abaddon Prime - Call For Embedded Reporters

Niantic is looking for a few Agents from each Faction in all Anomaly cities who are willing to act as our Embedded Reporters and post lots of pictures during the upcoming XM Anomalies.
You must be active on one of the following social media channels and have a public profile: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Preference will be given to Agents who are shutterbugs and not shy about taking photos in public. If you have a team that is willing to let you follow them around – even better!

You will be required to post four pictures an hour during the event.

The deadline to receive submissions is 5pm ET (UTC -4) on 14 April 2019.

[*=You must answer]

  1. Name *
  2. Agent Name *
  3. Email Address associated with your Ingress account. *
  4.  Faction* (Options: Resistance/Enlightened)
  5. What is your primary social media platform? *
    (Options: Twitter/Instagram/Facebook)
  6. Is your social channel publicly viewable? * (Options: Yes/No)
  7. What is the link to your social media channel that you will post to? * (Enter the social media URL)
  8. Have you been an embedded reporter in the past? * 
    (Options: Yes/No)
  9. How Many Previous Anomaly Events Have You Attended? * (Enter only number)
  10. Are You Willing To Post Pictures or Videos To Social Media Frequently During The Anomaly? Not after. * (Options: Yes/No)
  11. Do You Have A Team You Can Follow Around? *
    (Options: Yes/No)
  12. Describe Why You Would Be A Good Embedded Reporter *
    (Free discription)
  13. Are you applying for one or more cities? * (Options: Only one city/More than one city)
  14. [If you select "Only one city" at Q13] Which City You Will Be Attending? *
    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (May 4th)
    Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 11th)
    Chicago, IL, USA (May 25th)
  15. [If you select "More than one city" at Q13 and Next to Q14] Which city is your first choice? *
    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (May 4th)
    Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 11th)
    Chicago, IL, USA (May 25th)
  16. Which city is your second choice? *
    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (May 4th)
    Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 11th)
    Chicago, IL, USA (May 25th)
  17. You acknowledge and represent you have all necessary rights, permissions, copyrights and licenses to provide these materials. You consent to and approve of Niantic’s use of your images and content in connection with any created, live or recorded audio, video or photograph or other commercial use, transmission or publication in any media worldwide, including online, Niantic’s websites and social channels, and in Niantic’s marketing and promotional materials. You agree Niantic shall forever be the exclusive owner of all copyright and other rights in and to any such recordings, videos, photographs, and other materials. You acknowledge and agree Niantic may edit, mix, arrange, cut, use or re-use, in whole or in parts, all materials provided by you and you waive any right to inspect or approve of the edits, final products or usage. You understand you are participating as a volunteer and hereby waive your right to any form of compensation and all legal claims, including for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement, related to these materials and their use. These Terms and Conditions and any action related thereto will be governed by the laws of the State of California, USA without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. Any legal action must be filed in the state and federal courts located in the Northern District of California, USA and each of the parties hereto waives any objection to jurisdiction and venue in such courts. * (Options: Yes - I agree/No - I disagree)
  18. Embedded Reporters will be required to post at least four pictures an hour during the Anomaly to public social media channels. I understand that I will receive a limited edition volunteer coin and embedded reporter patch after the Anomaly via mail if I meet these requirements and will not receive anything if I fail to meet these requirements. * (Options: Yes - I agree/No - I disagree)

Source:Abaddon Prime - Call For Embedded Reporters last accessed on April 13th, 2019.

Read a lot and carefully. It says you must have public social media account and you must post at least 4 pictures per hour and so on.

2. Get a selected mail

If you selected as embedded reporter, you will get a selected mail like this.

This is my selected mail of Darsana Prime embedded reporter.


Agent, you have been selected as an Embedded Reporter for the upcoming Darsana Prime Anomaly. Thank you for volunteering to do this.

Your role is to be the paparazzi of Ingress! We want you to capture and share lots and lots of photos on social media. If you are using a DSLR or traditional camera it must have wifi so you can upload photos immediately. Uploading your images AFTER the event is not what we want for this role. Post pictures frequently to social media as soon as you take them.

What we are asking of you?
Post at least four pictures an hour to your social media channel.
Share your photos on Social Media using the hashtag #DarsanaPrime and #Ingress.

What kind of pictures? --- View this presentation:
[INGRESS Embedded Reporter Mood Board]
Are videos ok? --- Yes. A quick 60-120 second man on the street interviews are awesome! Try not to do anything longer.

If you have read this far down, and you accept, please fill out this form: [Form URL]

Feel free to reply with any questions you may have. Thank you once again for volunteering. I will pass your name along to the Niantic event coordinators in order to get your Embedded Reporter lanyard and badge on the day of the Anomaly.

[INGRESS Embedded Reporter Mood Board] is sample pictures of what you should share on your social media and what you should avoid to share on your social media.

Additional form is to get invitation for Telegram group chat with other embedded reporters and Andrew Krug, Ingress global community manager at Niantic, and enter your address for send the reporter kit (Patch, Coin and Load out card) when you achive requirement as post 4 pictures on your public social media during the

↓Embedded Reporter lanyard and badge

3. What picture should shere on social media?

[INGRESS Embedded Reporter Mood Board] tells us what you should share on your social media and what you should avoid to share on your social media.

You can also check Twitter and Instagram with #EmbeddedReporter hashtag post, they can be also sample pictures, I think.

【You should DO is】

  • Capture images that give a sense of the scale/size of the event
  • Capture agents in action and a diverse range of agents (age, gender, race etc)
  • Capture group photos (large and smaller groups)
  • Capture dynamic close ups/portraits
  • Capture moments with persons of interest (Ingress story characters)
  • Capture cool swag
  • Capture Ingress in ther world

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#EmbeddedReporter #DarsanaPrime #Ingress #IngressPrime #Niantic #Atlanta #XMAnomaly

Lubos Laginさん(@luboslagin)がシェアした投稿 -

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Don't forget to capture your moments today! These guys could disappear~ #EmbeddedReporter #DarsanaPrime #HankJohnson #jahanprime @nouralogical

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#DarsanaPrime #EmbeddedReporter some enl swag 😂

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Keep it up agents! The end draws closer! #EmbeddedReporter #DarsanaPrime

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Only you have to do is post with #EmbeddedReporter and #DarsanaPrime (event title) at least, you can add other hashtags and more comments.

Your picture will be re-use at Ingress official social medias like this one.

【You should AVOID is】

  • Agents standing/sitting around inert/heads down
  • (excessive numbers of) selfies, we love seeing you but also need to see the variety of players at the Anomaly!
  • Pictures of food. Focus on the Anomaly.

4. Telegram group chat

You can interact with other embedded reporters and make communication with Andrew Krug. It will be told again embedded reporter requirements.

If you can't archive embedded reporter requirements, you will be kicked out from the group chat without any warning and can't get reporter kit.

  1. You must post 4 pictures per hour at Anomaly measurement time (Darsana Prime was 3 hours)
  2. Your social media posts must be public
  3. Use Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or Google+*1
  4. Post with at least these hashtags: #EmbeddedReporter and #DarsanaPrime
  5. Posted pictures doesn't have to be realtime report. Stock pictures took at community area and marketplace before measurement time, then you post at measurement is OK
  6. No watermarks for pictures
  7. Read a lot and carefully [INGRESS Embedded Reporter Mood Board]

At Darsana Prime, I was Day2 reporter. Day1 reporter shered their experiences. It was useful and I refered to it for prepare and make some images of Day2 reporting.

Day before the Anomaly, embedded reporter list was posted on Ingress official social media accounts.

You have opportunity to change social media account on the list if account url is wrong or if you want to change another social media account before publish the list.

5. At the day of Anomaly event

Get lanyard and badge at registration. Selected mail said "I will pass your name along to the Niantic event coordinators in order to get your Embedded Reporter lanyard and badge on the day of the Anomaly." So you should show your agent profile on your scanner. I showed my Twitter profile. 

After the Anomaly event, I can take out the reporter lanyard and badge. Still I have now.



At Darsana Prime Tokyo, official registration and market place had from 9am to 12pm. During the time, I took photos at community area with market place, then stock these for post at measurement time.

I also took photos just before and during the measurement time, but I couldn't take enough.

All photos and movies are taken by my smartphone.

After measurement time, I still keep reporting, other reporters were too.

I wrote blog articles after that.

6. After the Anomaly event

Few days later, reporters uploaded our taken photos and videos to Google Drive folder with edit permission request mail, reporters were wanted to pickup best photos and videos you took.

I uploaded all photos and videos which should post social medias.

7. Reporter kit shipment

When you achieved the embedded reporter requirements, you will get the reporter kit shipment mail like this. You can track it with a code on the mail.


Reporter kit is this. I'll also post on my social media and upload reporter kit here if I get it.

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Thanks Niantic 😍😍😍 #Ingress #IngressPH #Enlightened #ENLPH #EmbeddedReporter #DarsanaPrime #DarsanaPrimeQuezonCity

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I got it, but...

It will be covered by solvent white paint...

Ex. My blog article about embedded reporter experience

I already written a blog article about my embedded reporter experience. You can read it from↓


*1:At Abaddon Prime, you use Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.