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Ingress Primeにおける共有機能について


We need the various forms of sharing added to Prime before parity can be considered. In particular:

  • Profile sharing for community and tools (e.g. many communities like their agents to promote acheivements and share them with others). Tools such as Agent Stats benefit from profile sharing.
  • Portal sharing is essential for the tracking of portal configuration for reinstatement after spoofing.

Please upvote for these important capabilities to be given increased priority :)

Posted on June 6th, 2019, by rediguana at Ingress Community Forums:

「機能の同等性を考慮する前に、Ingress Primeに様々な形の共有機能を追加する必要があります。具体的には次の通りです:

  • コミュニティとツールのためのプロフィール共有機能です(例えば、多くのコミュニティは実績の向上を促進し、他のエージェントと共有する事を好みます)。Agent Statsなどのツールには、プロフィール共有をするメリットがあります。
  • ポータル情報の共有機*2は、スプーフィング*3後の復元のためのポータル構成の追跡に不可欠です。

これらの重要な機能の優先順位を上げてもらうために投稿の高評価をお願いします :)」

Thanks @mattyFRAICHE and @caderoux many internal Niantic Agents have also been asking for this. What format do you think would be best to share stats in? Screenshot, text, CSV, etc.?

Posted on June 6th, 2019, by NianticScot at Ingress Community Forums:



Thanks all for the feedback so far. These things make sense. The initial look we did showed a screenshot as being more complex than one would hope. We're still looking into the options...

Posted on June 6th, 2019, by NianticScot at Ingress Community Forums:



Thanks all for the ideas and feedback. Implementing the parity functionality is harder now than it was in Redacted to get a full-profile image. I like that option because, as many of you mentioned, it's human readable, shareable with friends, and has some inherent level of security built in. That said, something like CSV or JSON should be easier to implement but definitely caters more to a stat-sharing use case. We'll continue to look into it (amidst squashing bugs and the like) to evaluate the options fully. One path may be to do something simpler now that is potentially deprecated by another solution in the future (it will be hard to always satisfy all use cases so bare with us).

Posted on June 20th, 2019, by NianticScot at Ingress Community Forums:




過去にはparity feature=パリティ機能とGoogle翻訳で訳されるワードについて解説した。





Scanner[REDACTED]やIngress ver.1.xではポータルを選択して右上のf:id:edgeknight:20190620225733j:plainを押すと、以下のようなスクリーンショットが撮れる。