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テッセレーション第13ラウンド「Requiem Departure」で発見された動画を日本語訳した。








We know now that the Osiris Artifacts can only be activated by the Osiris Magnus. But the good news is that we have finally figured out how to take down the last of barriers. So go home Osiris Magnus without delay, the Exogenous pushed through the membranes before you have a chance to act. The Tessellation may no longer be able to protect you. In the end, the fate of your world will be left in your hands as perhaps it always should have been.

If you choose to ignore our warnings and open up your tessellation to invite the Exogenous in. Know that you will be not only dooming your world you will also be dooming ours. But we trust that you will do what is right. When push comes to shove, myself and the rest of the Nemesis Magnus will be returning to our world in preparation for what is to come. If you do block out the Exogenous and choose to share your tessellation with our world, we will have a lot of rebuilding to do. And we are truly sorry for the pain that we have caused you in the past year.

It has in the end been a pleasure working with you. If you succeed and the task at hand, I have every hope that we need never see each other again. Good night Osiris Magnus. And good luck.