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ECNIABB: Ezekiel Calvin, NIA internal speech p01

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ezekiel Calvin. I have been... out of pocket for the past twelve months, give or take. But I'm back now, and honored of officially resume my duties as director of the NIA. I wanna start by thanking all of you for all of the great work you've done in my absence. Beyond that, I want to say that, even though I am no longer Sensitive to Exotic Matter with a capital 'S', that does not mean that the NIA will be any less dedicated to plumbling the depth of what XM has to teach us. The Niantic Project is still going strong, and that is going remain the case for a long time. At least, as long as I have anything to say about it.

One of the most intriguing properties of XM is its ability to transmit information; Thoughts, ideas, messages. It was the discovery of the ordered data pattern in the XM that made us first realize that XM was more than just a random natural phenomenon. There were messages encoded within the XM... and messages implied the existence of a sender. The senders, in this case, were Exogenous beings that lived outside the confines of our universe. But, in light of recent event5, the Exogenous are no longer in a position to influence our world. And the ramifications of that are only just beginning to 6e felt.

Human beings have always had the ability to inspire one another. Through art, music, knowledge. Only, now, we are entering an era in which humanity will be able to continue that practice on an unprecendented scale. For there has been a void left in the absence of the Exogenous... and  it is a void that only we can fill. XM is still an incredible medium for the dissemination of knowledge. And, for the first time in the history of our spiecies - with the help of the Ingress Scanner - humanity will be able to utilize Exotic Matter on our terms. Moving forward, XM will be a medium by humans and for humans. And it is our hope that all of us, collectively, will be able to leverage this medium to the betterment of all humankind.

In the past, when Ingress Agents captured Portals, they were always resonating those Portals to their Faction. However, a side-effect of that resonation was that it primed the XM coming out of those Portals for use by their associated Exogenous entities, Shapers for the Enlightened, N'zeer for the Resistance.

ECNIABB:エゼキエル・カルビンによる国家情報局内部スピーチ 1ページ






ECNIABB: Ezekiel Calvin, NIA internal speech p02

But, with the Exogenous out of the picture, capturing a Portal will now prime the XM coming through that Portal for use by us. No longer will XM be transmitting the ideas and ideologies of extra-dimensional aliens… from now on, the ideas and ideologies transmitted by the XM will come directory from the Re2istance and the Enlightened; From the people that make up those Factions.

High concentrations of Enlightened-aligned and Resistance-aligned scanner use in the same place at the same time have always had a strong impact on the XM landscape. This is part of the reason why the outcomes of XM Anomaly events have had such far-reaching effects in the battle between the Factions. Well, in this now, post-Exogenous world, the NIA has developed an XM construct that will continue to facilitate this kind of inter-faction competition: The Battle Beacon. And, through the u2e of the Battle Beacon. The winning side will strengthen the potency of the Factional message that they imprint upon that Portal, and reap additional benefits for emerging victorious.

With all of this in mind, it is more important now than ever that we continue to support the efforts of the Ingress Agent community in claiming Portals for their Factions. Because, while XM is a tremendous resource, it is also a resource that can be misused. I have the utmost trust in the integrity of the Ingress Agents around the globe, and I believe that the power of the Portals is safe in their hands. So we need to make sure that they continue staking claims to the Portals in their communities to keep that power from falling into the hands of bad actors who would use it for their own nefarious ends. And if they fight for those Portals using the Battle Beacons, it will make those claims even stronger.

And, just to wrap up for today, thank you again for everything you’ve done in my absence, and for easing my transition back into the director position. I still believe that XM can change our world for the better. And now, for the first time, that destiny is in our own hands. I am profoundly looking forward to the breakthroughs that lie ahead, and to each of your individual contributions. The Exogenous are gone, and it’s time to move on. One step at a time.

ECNIABB:エゼキエル・カルビンによる国家情報局内部スピーチ 2ページ






AL 13という人物がIngressのストーリーライン調査コミュニティのオペレーション・エセックスのTelegramグループにエゼキエル・カルビンのスピーチ文書とする画像を投稿した。


AL 13 [2020.10.9 15:21]
I will save the intro and cut to the chase. Just received this intel:

 AL 13「前置きはさておき、本題を言おう。この情報を受け取ったばかりだ。」




RuinDig [2020.10.9 15:54]
Hey, where did this come from?

AL 13 [2020.10.9 15:59]
I need to protect the identity of my source, but I believe this is the draft of the speech Ezekiel Calvin recently gave to the Agents of NIA.


AL 13「情報源の身元を守る必要があるけど、これは最近になってエゼキエル・カルビンが国家情報局のエージェントに向けて行ったスピーチの草稿だと思っている。」

RuinDig [2020.10.9 16:00]
What Universe of Ezekiel Calvin? Osiris? 1218?

AL 13 [2020.10.9 16:01]
This is the Calvin of our node. Osiris.


AL 13「これは私達の世界のカルビン、オシリスだ。」





AL 13 [2020.10.9 16:15]
That's all for now. I'll share more thoughts at the usual place tomorrow.

Yu Shan [2020.10.9 16:15]
Same timing?

AL 13 [2020.10.9 16:15]

AL 13「今はこれで全部だ。いつもの場所で更なる考えを共有するよ。」


AL 13「それは分からない。」


AL 13が言う「いつもの場所」とは何を指し示すのか現時点では不明である。



AL 13の人物像など詳細な内容は以下のファンサイトの記事を参照。