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Alliance of the Vanguard プログラムについて
Founded September 2017
FAQ last updated: August 2019

Vanguards are Ingress player advocates. Vanguards collaborate with Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress Global Community Manager to enhance the player experience by providing direct feedback on a variety of initiatives and topics ranging from but not limited to Anomaly rules, NIA OPS policy, game features, beta software, etc. They are a sounding board for new ideas and a way to get the player perspectives on issues.

In addition, Vanguards may have advance information that they are allowed to communicate to global, regional, national or local communities. Vanguards who choose to provide information to their communities must do so in accordance with Niantic’s policies and under the guidance of the Ingress Global Community Manager. Vanguards may receive token memorabilia and/or exclusive opportunities for their voluntary contributions and involvement on behalf of players.

By the end of 2019 the Vanguard program will consist of 36 Agents (18 Agents per faction).

Who is eligible to be a Vanguard?
Any player whose account is in good standing.

What does “good standing” mean?
All selected applicants have to pass an Ingress player background check performed by NIA OPS. If a player has ever received multiple warnings or a ban due to a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS), they are not eligible to be a Vanguard. Note that Niantic reserves the right to deny any applicant for any reason.

Vanguards selection criteria
The Vanguards are chosen for their diverse representation of the Ingress player base. Agent level and status within the Ingress player community have limited impact on the selection process. Selection criteria does not require Vanguards to be considered community leaders, although we recognize that some may be viewed as such within their respective Ingress Factions.

Vanguards will be selected primarily based on their geographic location, knowledge of Ingress (both experts and novices) and their explanation as to why they would make a good player advocate. The ability to read, write, and communicate verbally in English is a requirement.

Who selects the Vanguards?
The Ingress Global Community Manager (GCM) reviews applicants with the Regional Community Managers (RCM) and, based on the applications submitted, selects those who seem best suited to represent the players and enhance their experience.

Vanguards relationship with Niantic
To participate in the Vanguard program, Agents will have to agree to and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Violating the NDA may result in immediate removal from the program, legal action against the person, and the termination of the person’s Ingress account.

Vanguard expectations
While participation is entirely voluntary, Vanguards are expected to actively and constructively engage with the Ingress GCM, RCMs, and other Vanguards on a regular basis on the designated chat platform. Failure to regularly contribute may result in being removed from the program. Vanguards may take on additional tasks as they choose. This brief summary of current Vanguard responsibilities is not intended to be comprehensive or complete.

Replacing Vanguards
In August 2019 we will be accepting applications for twelve new Vanguard positions and replacing any Vanguards who have retired or are no longer participating in the program. In January of 2020 six Vanguards will be rotated out and replaced starting with the longest serving Vanguards first. Every year after that in January, twelve Vanguards will be rotated out and replaced. Note that Niantic reserves the right to remove and replace any Vanguard for any reason at any time.

Vanguards can retire from the program at any point in time by notifying the GCM of their intentions to no longer participate via email.

Any selected Vanguard that changes faction may be evaluated for possible removal in order to maintain an even Faction balance.
Do the Ingress Vanguards select event POCs?
No. Niantic believes the Ingress Vanguards have a more direct connection to communities and are able to effectively facilitate player feedback to Niantic to enhance the player experience. In the case of Ingress Anomalies only, Ingress Vanguards may provide Niantic information that they believe would be helpful in selecting an appropriate event POC. Local communities submit their event POC candidates to Ingress Vanguards who then provide contact information to the Ingress GCM for review and approval. In some cases, an Ingress Vanguard may belong to a local community hosting an event and may have an opinion on who should be nominated from that local community. However, they are expressing their opinion as a player member of that community and not as an Ingress Vanguard. Local communities may choose to nominate a Vanguard as an event POC but being a Vanguard does not automatically mean selection as an event POC.

What are the limitations of a Vanguard?
Vanguards are player community members who volunteer to represent and advocate for other players for the purpose of enhancing the overall player experience. They are not Niantic employees and do not represent Niantic. They do not have access to Niantic systems, including personally identifiable information or the OPR status of other Agents. They are not authorized to make any decisions related to Niantic or its games, including but not limited to help center tickets, Mission submissions, Portal nominations, Portal appeals, or account ban appeals.

Connecting with Vanguards
Each Vanguard determines their availability and manner in which they choose to engage with fellow Ingress Agents. Some Vanguards may be more open than others to chat directly with other players. The program does not require Vanguards to maintain any availability to respond to Agent inquiries.

Becoming a Vanguard
Niantic will hold an open call for volunteers starting in August 2019. Every year after that, applications to be a Vanguard will be accepted in January on a continuing annual basis.

We may periodically open applications when replacements are required outside of the normal annual cycle. If a replacement is required within three months of a previous open call for applications we may use applications from the previous round of solicitation.

Agents who have previously participated in the Vanguard program are eligible to apply to participate a second time after waiting two years from when they exited the program.

In Conclusion
Vanguards are player advocates. As such, their own opinions and advice to any player are their own and are not representative of Niantic. They are encouraged to provide feedback to Niantic, whether based on their own opinions or to pass on opinions and sentiments of their local community. Vanguards are not affiliated with Niantic and their own opinions and advice are purely derived from their personal experience as Agents to other Agents.




ヴァンガードIngressプレイヤーの代弁者のようなものです。ヴァンガードは、Niantic, Inc.及びIngressグローバルコミュニティマネージャーと協力して、プレイヤーの体験を向上させるために、アノマリールール、NIA OPSポリシー、アプリの機能、ベータソフトウェアなどに限らない、様々なイニシアチブやトピックに関する直接的なフィードバックを提供します。これらは、新しいアイデアのための基盤であり、プレイヤーの問題に対する考え方を得る方法です。






選ばれた人は、NIA OPSIngressプレイヤーのバックグラウンドチェックに合格しなければならず、その人がサービス規約違反による警告や停止措置を複数回受けた事がある場合、ヴァンガードに選ばれる資格はありません。Nianticは、いかなる理由においても出願人を拒絶する権利を留保する事に留意してください。