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Battle Beacon summary(2020-08-01)

Battle Beacon first appear

On July 25th, Battle Beacon appeared at California, US. This was the first time as far as confirmed. It seems to be a test run.

Summarized infomation inside the screenshots, Battle Beacon system is:

  • Battle Beacon is compete capturing beacon portal between Resistance and Enlightened.
  • 5 times checkpoints, each is 3 minutes, above 15 minutes it takes.
  • Score details:
    1st checkpoint=1point
    2nd checkpoint=2points
    3rd checkpoint=2points
    4th checkpoint=3points
    5th checkpoint=4points
  • After the end, hack bonus for beacon portal make depends on amount of agents activity. It will classfy from Category I to Category VI.
  • Hack bonus for beacon portal can get both faction agents
  • Most high score faction logo beacon lights 4 hours as victory emblems.

Same content posted on Ingress Community Forums. More details were commented.


Message for Battle Beacon result on COMM(In app message): "CAT-I Neutral Ground"


On Agent Profile Stats, new info was added: "Battle Beacon Combatant"

Battle Beacon playtest announced

On July 31st, Battle Beacon playtest on Taiwan and New Zealand was announced.

Battle Beacon playtest: Taiwan

On August 1st, Battle Beacon playtest in Taiwan was livestreamed by an agent.

Battle Beacon deployed, [0000] was displayed on scanner with 1st checkpoint begin.


"30 seconds to checkpoint." message and "Check point 3 completed." message was announced as system.

When you zoom in, you can see:

  1. What checkpoint we are now
  2. Total score for each faction
  3. Which faction won each checkpoint



"One minute to final checkpoint." message was announced as system.

In addition, you can see Battle Beacon info on the upper of portal screen and deploy screen.



When finish 5th checkpoint, most scored faction logo beacon is lighted as victory symbol.


Battle Beacon overview infographics

I made infographics of Battle Beacon overview. This is based on infomation as of August 1st, 2020. This system has possibility of change in the future.





Official announcement of update 2020 events at Ingress Community Forums and Ingress Prime APK analysis at Fev Games.

What is Battle Beacon?

The Battle Beacon is an item that allows agents with over 40 million APs to set up Battle Beacons on any portal, allowing all agents of all levels to engage in small-scale portal battles in 15 minutes.

Battle Beacon FAQs - Niantic Support