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Darsana Prime Tokyo Ask Me Anything report #Ingress #DarsanaPrime


概要 Overview

3月23日に行われたIngressのアノマリーイベント、Darsana Prime Tokyoのアフターパーティーで行われた質問コーナー、Ask Me Anything(AMA)での質問と回答についての記録。質問は事前に寄せされた数が多かった質問が選ばれた。

Ask Me Anything(AMA) corner had at after party of Ingress XM Anomaly event "Darsana Prime Tokyo" on March 23rd, 2019. This blog article reports questions and answers. Questions were invited before event, and had most of the number was selected.

Andrew Krug アンドリュー・クルーグさん:Ingressグローバルコミュニティマネージャー Ingress global community manager at Niantic, Inc.

Scot Frank スコット・フランクさん:Ingressプロダクトマネージャー Ingress product manager at Niantic, Inc.

通訳 Translate - 山崎富美さん Fumi Yamazaki:アジア太平洋地域コミュニティマネージャー APAC community manager at Niantic, Inc.

※所属と役職はDarsana Prime Tokyoのイベント当時のものです。Positions and affiliations were current at the time of Darsana Prime Tokyo event.


Ask Me Anythingの様子 Video of Ask Me Anything

質問1 Question1

Where we should the community go after Google+ ends at the beginning of April?

アンドリューさんの回答 Answered by Andrew Krug:
The good news is we're working on a solution. We are going to talk about it, publish it by next week before Google+ end to let you know what the plan is.

The good news is that when we released Ingress Prime wanted to create a home for Ingress. So we started doing a lot of research on what that could be. And I think we found a solution. So we're in the process of rolling now.
Ingress Primeをリリースした時にIngressの新しいホームベースみたいな、情報のハブみたいなものを作ろうと思っていました。それを色々なリサーチをしてどういうサービスが良いかを検討してきて、今だいぶ進んできているという事です。

Yeah, everything would have been good. If October*1 was the deadline. But it's changed to April.

So we will have more on that comparison.

It may not be ready by the time Google+ shuts down on April 2nd, you might be able to little bit after that.

質問2 Question2

電話番号によるユーザー認証の復活、またはそれに相当する機能は実装しないのですか? With user authentication, when a phone number or something else return?

スコットさんの回答 Answered by Scot Frank:
So I talked to our security and anti cheat team to ask them their thoughts on this, and also how this feature worked previously, and they said that actually didn't work as well as planned.

Because with recent technology, it's actually fairly inexpensive to rent a phone number. So almost anyone in the world anywhere could rent a phone number, in order to bypass verification.

However, we know that cheating is one of the top one, two features, and one of the most important aspects to our player community. And so that's why we really focused on improving and building up a great security system in Ingress Prime. However, we're not able to turn it on until we retire "[REDACTED]".*3 So this is one of the reasons that we're really excited to move towards that point, so that we can improve the security and anti cheat system for all of our Ingress Agents.
アンチ・チートというのはコミュニティから1番よく要望として頂いている事でもあるし、我々はとても重要だと思っていて、対策を色々作っているんですけれども、作っている対策がScanner[REDACTED]*4を終了させないと使えないのです。Scanner[REDACTED]とIngress Primeはアプリの作りが違っていて、なのでIngress Primeに完全移行しないとその新しいシステムが機能させられないという事情があります。

So once we retire "[REDACTED]", then we'll be turning on the security system.

質問3 Question3

5月のAbaddon Primeでこのアノマリーシリーズが終わりますが、次のアノマリーシリーズの場所と日時を教えてください。
When are you going to announce the next set of anomalies after this series ends with Abaddon Prime in May?

アンドリューさんの回答 Answered by Andrew Krug:
So the good news is, I was told a few days ago that I can tell you when we're going to publish the next series of anomaly days.

We're going to publish the next anomaly dates on April 5th.

However, we will probably only release about six months worth of anomaly information. We will have events planned through 2020. But we learned some lessons announcing too much information too far in advance.*5 And we want to avoid some of that negative impact on the community or you have to keep people engaged for such a long time.

質問4 Question4

Is there target date for discontinuing Scanner[REDACTED] in the near future?

スコットさんの回答 Answered by Scot Frank:
So I have two questions for the audience.

How many of you love the original Ingress scanner or Scanner[REDACTED]?
旧スキャナー(Ingress ver.1.x)やScanner[REDACTED]が好きな人は?

So just a few of you.

My next question, how many of you want to see new features, better security, better performance, new types of gameplay?

Okay, so this is where we are at the intersection of the original Ingress scanner, which is had over six years of time to be perfected and developed and tested and iterated on.
旧スキャナー(Ingress ver.1.x)は6年くらいかけてクオリティ(品質)を上げてアプリにしてきたという歴史があります。

And then we're also in the place where we want to be building the new features and designing new types of gameplay. Actually, the development team has so many things that are excited to build a we need the new infrastructure in order to release those features and provide better security. So we're at the cross section between those two.

So development team is all made of Ingress agents as well. And what we're trying to do is figure out how can we get closer to all of the performance and the features and the great experience that we have with the original Ingress.

And the team is working very hard. We're releasing new versions of Ingress Prime about every two weeks.
今はリリースサイクルが早まっていて、2週間ごとに新しいIngress Primeのバージョンをどんどん出していて、パフォーマンスとか機能とか、旧スキャナー(Ingress ver.1.x)に追いつけるようにIngress Primeをどんどんクオリティを上げているのを注力してやっている所です。

But we know that it's not quite perfect yet.
それでもまだIngress Primeが完璧ではないのはよく分かっています。

However, we're planning to retire "[REDACTED]", or the original Ingress scanner at the end of September. So that'll give us...

So please be patient with us, give us your feedback, we know that there's still more things to build on and improve with Ingress Prime, but the whole team as well as the whole company's committed to making a Ingress Prime, the best scanner ever and we're really excited to reach that phase where we're able to now introduce new features and new types of gameplay. So thank you very much for your patience and all of your feedback that you've given us on Ingress Prime. We're working really hard to make all of us happier.


*1:First announce about Google+ deadline was August 2019, now it's April 2nd, 2019.


*3:[REDACTED] is Scanner[REDACTED], which is you can play Ingress with Ingress ver.1.x user interface.


*5:It didn't tell in detail, probably it seems to be about changed from Nagoya city.