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デヴラとの交信:書き起こし Transcript of communicate with Devra

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書き起こし全文 Transcript full text

YouTubeに基づいた書き起こし。Transcript is based on YouTube.



書き起こし全文(5512語・24810字) Transcript full text: 5512words, 24810characters

Agents, Agents, can you hear me? Is anyone out there?


Okay, Agents, I’m hoping you can hear me.


Well, I’ve trapped in this limbo so long I’m feeling a little lightheaded being able to talk to the outside world for a moment.


The first thing I want to tell you is that those videos if you saw them, those videos of us dying weren’t us. They were Simulacra. Calvin actually stored our bodies in stasis at the Niantic Project in a sub facility. Against our will, and that’s where we are now...trapped.


The good news is Calvin found a way to transfer the memories from our Simulacra to our real brains. So I remember everything that my Simulacra did up to and including my death or her death. It’s a little confusing.


I was trying to shut down the Dunraven chamber...because I wanted to stop ADA or anyone else from ever using it again to take away people’s will like what was done to Wendy. I feel responsible for that. I...wanted to make up for it. I believe I did shut down Dunraven chamber.


Speaking of Wendy, she is for some reason and I don’t understand it. I mean she was never a part of the Niantic facil...Project or that she was never in the facility. So it doesn't make any sense why she's here. To be careful, I don’t know who’s listening.


Calvin doesn’t understand it either we have no idea how this has happened, but we are investigating, I’m suspicious, and if you have any information, Agents, if you have any theories about why Wendy could be here with us, please send messages through.


I am worried about what it might mean.


Trying to see if there’s any communications coming through and I’m not seeing any yet. I hope you’re all getting this.


We are trapped here and we can’t get home. But if this is working, the good news is Lynton-Wolfe and Carrie is figured out a way for us to communicate with outside world I don’t understand exactly how. But...if it’s working that’s how I’m talking to you right now and we’ve also developed an ability, limited ability to affect the scanner and we actually use that capability to try to warn Agents about the Nemesis threat and we hope you got our warning.


Okay, I’ve got my first question. I think I’m glad that it’s working, yay.


Penelope McFadin asks, ”Wendy is possessed by Klue still?”

Again I gotta be careful because she is here somewhere but I don’t know.

It doesn’t appear that Klue inside of Wendy, but we can’t really be sure...not sure.

We are investigating. Please keep sending your theories.


Oh here we go, I think something’s coming through.


Ah, Mustafa, Mustafa is asking, “How do we help the researchers to get the hell out of there?” and “Can Hank Johnson from 1218 Universe be of any assistance?”

Umm...that’s what we are trying to figure out. It pits so the only thing we know about Nemesis so far is that they have created these redundant barriers. I think of them like concentric spheres around our Earth. You guys, you Agents destroyed one of those barriers during the Myriad Anomaly. Apparently, it appears that you can only attack the barriers during Anomalous periods. And I’m guessing that we’re gonna have to destroy the other three barriers before we can get out of here.

I’m not sure if Hank Johnson from 1218 can help. Umm...we can’t contact him directly here but if any of you can reach him, we would appreciate it if you could see if there’s something that he can do to help.

At this point, we’re still in such early stages of figuring out where we’re at and what it all means. We don’t even know if we’re what universe or paradigm we were existing in at the moment it’s slow going over here and now that we can communicate with you all we’re hoping that you can help.


Give us theories or ideas or information from the outside. That might help us figure out how to get out of here.


Okay, let’s see, Catalina Reyes is asking, “Wendy’s archetype in the Niantic Magnus.”

I don’t see the only archetype were missing is the Ominous, the Omniscient which we know to be ADA. ...Just a little nervous about ADA. I don’t know if she’s here.

We don’t have information on who Wendy is, how she is here, but that’s really all I can tell you.


Catalina Reyes, “To these barriers will be destroyed at each Anomaly.” I mean that’s the idea that’s what we’re hoping happens and we’re going to need your help doing that. But yes, and each Anomalous period, each event there should be a barrier destroyed that will help us escape this limbo, I hope.


Okay, I have another question from Aaron Vianno Almeida, sorry if I said your name wrong. “How many are a part of Nemesis? And who are they?” It’s a great question.

We believe there are 13 and it’s very possible they are an enemy Magnus. You all destroyed the first one Myriad at the Myriad Anomaly. This time we don’t know who they are.


So…ok, ok, I’m probably gonna say this name wrong and I apologize again. Çağatay Karahan is asking “What was the small device you wanted to place/use/retrieve in the Dunraven chamber shortly simulacra is end?”

That device is what I needed to shut down the Dunraven chamber. basically implanted a virus into the chamber in order to completely destroy its technology.


Let’s see...Ruin Dig is asking, “Where am I now? What is the NIA Facility?”

We’re in an Anomalous bubble inside the CERN Niantic Project facility. The NIA Facility is where we originally did our research into Exogenous and XM, the Exogenous Glyphs and XM and all of that.


Denise Fröhlich, I hope I said that right. “Do these new Glyphs come from you?”

No, the new Glyphs are not coming from us...I actually. So they’re coming from the Exogenous typically. do I explain this…...It’s complicated for me because you all know where I stand with the Exogenous. But it appears that Nemesis is opposed to Exogenous, so...they’re trying to...umm...launch an attack on Exogenous Glyphs and you all know where I stand with Exogenous, so it feels a little weird for me coming down on the side of Exogenous. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I just don’t see that it would be any good if the Nemesis is trying to destroy the Glyphs, I don’t see that that’s good for us.

In any case, the Nemesis seemed to have their own Nemesis runes that they‘re trying to replace the Glyphs with [no sound from 19:33]


[From 20:19 sound come back] tell how many days have gone by how long we’ve been in here. We’re trying set up some type of schedule for ourselves so that we can kind of track it a little bit better. But it appears that things are definitely not the way we normally understand time in here there seemed to be ripples in time and it’s disorienting to say the least.


Also, Hank is here, as you know so that has been nice working with him again and having him so close. He and I haven’t been able to spend as much time together in a really long time so that has been really oddly nice and wonderful given the circumstances.

On the other hand, working with Lynton-Wolfe has been challenging, to say the least.


Okay, I have another question here, Ben Hoose is asking, “What can we do on our side to attack these barriers during an Anomaly we should plan something right now who else can you communicate with as far as Simulacrum?”

Umm...I’m not sure that we can attack the barrier from our side. When we’re working at the moment on remote participation technology we’re working out the kinks in that to be able to combat Nemesis during Anomalous periods. Basically, the RPE tech will allow us to project avatars of ourself for brief windows into other places that will allow us to combat Nemesis directly.

However, it’s brief windows which means our hands are pretty much tied most of the time. That’s why we need your help. You all can do a lot more than we can.


One second let me see what this next question is…


If Nemesis opposed, Mustafa again, Mustafa Said, ”If Nemesis is opposed to the Exogenous, why are they not aligned with the Resistance?” I actually see Nemesis as a very extreme version of the Resistance, more extreme than the N’Zeer. I mean I actually kind of agree with some of their goals but I do not agree with their methods. I guess that’s why I’m calling for the Resistance to unite in combating, unite with...the Enlightened. I know, I never thought I would say that to combat Nemesis because as we’ve said the enemy of our enemy is our friend, so.


Aaron Vianno Almeida, “How old are Nemesis? When were they formed if they're a Magnus?” Calvin thinks Nemesis has been operating for a while. They took out our Simulacra in a very specific planned way. It’s worrying. We still don’t have that much information on Nemesis, we are trying to figure it out and again if you all have any information from the last event, last Anomalous event, if you find any information in your world and you can send it through to us, it would be incredibly helpful. Because we are limited in our abilities right now.


Okay, Maxence Parriaux, “Ezekiel Calvin said you've been reset. Reset from what? What did you lose from your old selves?” Well when we woke up last thing we remembered was the Niantic Project onboarding, but now we remember everything that our Simulacra did, because Calvin figured out a way to take our Simulacra as memories and put them into our real brains, so I can remember everything my Simulacra did, up to it including my death or her death.


Yeah, okay, Denise Fröhlich, “Does the Nemesis Runes have a similar effect like Dark XM? Like we saw it in the anime?” We do believe it has something to do with mind control.

Again, we don’t have a ton of information, so… This is somewhat speculation but...yes, Shaper Glyphs are the way that Shapers influence the brain and the runes, I think we’re the Nemesis is trying to co-opt that through the runes maybe? I’m not really sure.


So...oh, here we go. Katie Ishira Norris, “Is it possible that Nemesis is from a different universe?” really interesting hypothesis...umm...yeah, it’s certainly possible. Carrie’s thinks they are, we’ve been discussing of the possibility of that. If we are close to using RPE then they might already have that tech as well, so…


I that end, I want to let you guys know that the most eminent threat appears to be an Nemesis member named Aurora. As I’ve mentioned already there they’re launching an attack on Exogenous Glyphs. So, we need your help more than ever.


Çağatay Karahan is asking, “This communication now allows us talk with you. Are we going to be able to communicate again? Or this is just a small time window we can communicate?” She goes on to ask, “To defend Nemesis we need to be able to communicate. Are you guys working on some kind of communication without Nemesis track?”

At the moment, we’re only to able to communicate at certain times, but we will stay in close contact as we can and look out for messages from us. We will be trying to communicate with you. There are things that we’re going to need you to do on your side since we’re trapped here. I mean we’re very limited, we cannot do anything in the outside world that’s why we need your help, we won’t be able to stop Nemesis without your help. And if we don’t stop Nemesis, we’re gonna be trapped here forever.


Julia Haworth is asking, “I remember getting a piece of media from the Anomaly and some of the Nemesis Glyphs in the video said, and I quote, “”Do you really think you can reactivated it yourself?”” What do you think it means?”

I think they were referring to [REDACTED]. Umm...we believe the Nemesis may have fully infiltrated [REDACTED], we’re trying to get more data on that. It’s good question.


Okay, Stony Biby asks, “You keep saying ““The enemy of my enemy is my friend”” that’s not always true. Could just be another front in the battle. Be careful.”

Yes agreed. It’s a difficult situation. It’s complicated being here with all of the old researchers that I worked with so long ago and we all have different beliefs but we are working together to try to combat Nemesis. I’m not sure who is the greatest threat, Nemesis or the Exogenous. What you all think?


Lee McAndrew asks, “We can confirm Nemesis has RPE tech based on some documents leaked to us.” Thank you. That’s that intel is invaluable to us.


Masking all of my Resistance Agents I would like to know what you think. What is the greatest threat, Nemesis or Exogenous?


Richard Price asking, “Do you think Nemesis is a government organisation. At the end of an NIA video, there was a woman saying to someone: Take care of Jarvis and ADA.”

If they are government, they are pretty extreme. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want them to be my government. It is possible that they come from a world that’s very different than ours. This is something to think about.


Ian Butt is asking, “Nemesis is attempting to recruit Ingress Agents. Any comments on what potential threat these Nemesis recruits may present.”

I...okay, anyone working with Nemesis could be in mortal danger, please be very careful. However, any data you can get from the inside, could be the key to defeating them. If you decide to infiltrate Nemesis, please be extremely careful.


Gerald Wolf is asking, “ “"every villain is a hero in his own mind."” Using that quote, what “"heroic act"” do you think Nemesis are trying to accomplish from their perspective? Are you aware of any “"harmful"” things that you and the other members of the Niantic Project have done that they may try to undo?”

Well it’s a good point. I don’t think anyone thinks of themselves as evil or bad or wrong and I certainly don’t think Nemesis to think of themselves as villains maybe they think that in researching XM, we are aiding and abetting the Exogenous.


Jarvis for instance we know is a big supporter of the Shapers, so.


That one’s got me thinking. Just wondering if it might help to get inside their mind a little bit sort of see where they’re coming up what direction they’re coming from might help us figure out what their weaknesses are.


Aaron Vianno Almeida, “Why can't the Exogenous fight Nemesis on their own?”

We think that whatever Nemesis did to trap us here might also be keeping the Exogenous out of your world.


Gennadiy Osipik is asking, “How can we be sure you're real Bogdanovich, not a powerful Nemesis impersonating you?”

I guess I’m just gonna have to ask you to trust me quite frankly. We can’t even be sure one or more of the researchers aren’t Nemesis. Moles, it makes what we’re doing incredibly dangerous...but I don’t see the benefit of infighting among us at the moment unless we have evidence of an actual Nemesis mole in here and again, if you guys get intel to that effect, please send it through directly to me. Well, if you trust that I’m the real Bogdanovich.


Tim Eldred is asking, “We've seen at least a representation of Nemesis, but never of the Shapers or N'zeer. Is there a reason we don't know what they all look like?”

I think the Shapers may have manipulated our brains programmed us to see their enemies the N’zeer as demons or monsters. Exogenous may look different to different people.


Richard Price is asking, “Seeing that people have the power to recurse, do you think it's a good thing in the long run? Apart from longevity in lore terms, what does it mean for us as agents in the field?”

Well it’s better now that we know how to transfer memories from Simulacrum to another. However, people weren’t designed to live forever and if everyone is immortal...what...I mean old ideas might just stagnate. I think...this is something that I’ve actually been thinking about quite a bit since I found out that. Uh...I was a Simulacra and I can be made into one.


Mustafa Said, “Is Misty Hannah OK?” Yeah, this is actually a sore point between Calvin and I. Misty hasn’t woken up from stasis yet we have been trying to wake her up but so far we’ve had no success. I’m not sure if she is projecting herself into another world and that’s why she’s not waking up. I don’t know if something is wrong, but this is one of the reasons why I am incredibly angry furious at Calvin, he put us in stasis without our consent and who knows if he would have gotten our consent or not gotten our consent and Misty had said “NO”, she might be out there with you today. In any case I am...well, once we get out of here, I’ll deal with Calvin.


Amy Bergquist is asking, “So it sounds like you want us all to go out and Glyph hack a lot of portals. How will that help?”

Well, we think the Exogenous gifts Glyphs may be able to nullify the Exogenous runes. That’s what we’re hoping.


Penelope McFadin is says, “Hugs, we will figure out a way to get you back.” Thank you very much. We all believe you. And we need your help everything that you guys can put in everything you can find out. We need you now more than ever.


Ariel Diana, “1218 Misty had found out how to create a mind palace on her own...Is it possible Prime Misty could be in her own mind palace?”

That is possible and it’s a good idea. We’ll see what we can find out.


Kevin Hagan, he is asking, “Which researchers are awake and who is still in stasis like Misty?”

So other than Misty, we’re all awake. Well...mostly. I mean Hank is actually a Simulacrum. He’s actually dead, he died in Afghanistan, he was never part of a Niantic Project. So he will only ever exist as a Simulacra again. I mean unless someone figured out a cure to death. I’m sorry he was a part of the Niantic Project, but he died in Afghanistan, so.


Aaron Vianno Almeida, “When do we do the Glyph thing?”

Soon. You’ll know when Nemesis makes their move.


Ian Butt, “Devra, Nemesis may have deployed the Obsidian Shield in the Prime universe to block Recursion and Exogenous influence. Are you aware of the Obsidian Shield and the events surrounding it's deployment/destruction during 1218's Aegis Nova Anomaly Sequence?”

Yeah we do think that Nemesis has interest in the Prime Artifacts. So, do what you can keep them out of Nemesis hands.


Elijah McManus, “Nemesis is the bigger threat right now, maybe ask Dr.Oliver Wolfe, in a YouTube video, he made himself part of the portal network to escape Nemesis. He may know something that he's not telling you.”

Well, I’ve never trusted Lynton-Wolfe. I’ve always thought he was too willing to experiment on humans with XM. It appears Nemesis can travel as shards at will, so.

The man Wolfe figured to do that before his Simulacrum was to store destroyed I mean part of me thinks none of us are safe with him here...just makes me more suspicious of him than I already was…...A little paranoia that someone might be listening.


All right...Mustafa Said is asking, “Is it possible that Nemesis could break into the bubble you are inside?”

I mean...I am worried about that I hope not. I mean Kureze is working on a way to block them from RPE into us, into here vamp for a bit. So hopefully they can’t and hopefully we figure out a way to block it from happening but...if we can’t figure it out then it’s possible that...they will break in...if you have any information on that, please, please let us know just wanna…


I just want to ask you all a little bit about, oh shoot, it’s like we’re having some interference hold on one second. I don’t know if you’re getting this are we...Is anyone getting this? Can you…


Hmm...okay, give me a second let me check on...okay, let me check on this, umm…

I’m worried about some interference happening…

Can you all hear? Okay...


Okay, I got something through here. Eugene Cornelius is asking, “What are all of the woken researchers there actually doing? Coming up with possible ways to figure out strategies to counter Nemesis?”

I mean yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing here. Lightman is hard at work on RPE tech. That’s the most important thing that we’re doing right now. We really want to get to a place where we can project our avatars into the real world to help you guys combat Nemesis directly. Otherwise, we’re useless in this limbo where they’ve banished us.


It’s kind of weird there for a second, I wasn’t getting anything. It appeared something was interfering I’m worried about that.


Okay, Mustafa Said, “Is it possible that Nemesis Shards could manifest at Anomaly sites?”

Umm...yes, that’s, that’s, that’s very possible look be wary at Anomalies. You are all very important for me and we all value the work that you do for us. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. So please be careful. We can’t have no Nemesis hurt any more people.


Okay...Ian Butt is asking, “Agents defeated Myriad and the first Nemesis barrier.” That’s right, thank you all for that. “Is Myriad now trapped as Shards? Could Nemesis attempt to revive their fallen members through a global shard event?”

Yes, we believe Myriad still exists somewhere trapped possibly like we are, not here but somewhere else. We don’t fully understand it yet, but it’s very possible that they could be brought back.


Okay, Eugene Cornelius is asking, “Yes, are you sure all of you aren't under surveillance while attempting to communicate and seek help?”

That’s actually what I was worried about a second ago when I was experiencing interference. We can’t be sure they are monitoring us. Unfortunately all we can do is hope that they aren’t so far they haven’t been able to enter our facility too directly, so even if they know we’re working on RPE they won’t be able to stop us, we hope.


It feels good being able to talk to you all like this. Thank you so much for your questions and for any help that you can provide.


Steven Curley is asking, “Could we use shard tech potentially to pull y’all out of the Anomalous bubble the NIA researchers are trapped in?”

I don’t think we’re gonna be able to come back until all Nemesis barriers have been destroyed. But keep investigating all avenues it means the world to us. We all just want to come home.


Yes, I’m getting, I’m getting some more strange readings, umm…

Okay, okay, all right.


So, Kevin Hagan is asking, “Do we believe we were...” no, sorry let me…”Do you believe were you...” I’m sorry let me just see if I can decipher this question...okay, “Do I believe I’m in a pocket dimension or a temporal bubble or something else?”

That’s really good question. We’re actually not sure. maybe that the certain facility isn’t accessible to all of you or maybe we’re parallel universe or parallel version of the facility. It’s difficult to say like I’ve said earlier. We don’t have many answers about that all we can tell you is that there’s no day, no night, it’s it seems like there’s time is sort of functioning different here.


Ian Butt saying, “Do not trust Lightman.” If you have intel to suggest that Lightman is working against us definitely, try to find a way to get that to us. That’s incredibly valuable and disturbing.


Lee McAndrew, “Personal way-outfield theory:” Okay. “Nemesis may be from a universe where the civilization kill Glyph sequence wasn't stopped. This would explain their hatred of the Exogenous.”

That’s a fascinating idea and that would make total sense. I think if we can figure out why they’re doing this and what their motivation is it might help us to stop them. I mean it this could explain why they’re willing to go to such lengths to stop them so that is a very good theory.


Mustafa Said, “Do you remember Edgar Allen Wright?”

Yes, which by the way I would like to wish Dr.Wright happy birthday on Thursday. You know he did some of the earliest research into RPE without him we wouldn’t even have the option of using RPE to get out into other places.


By the way, any intel you can gather from him regarding RPE could help us speed up the process over here.


Eugene Cornelius is asking, “Can we expect to get future communication from other researchers in a similar manner?”

Yes, we hope to do this on a regular basis. I think it will help us all stay sane here to speak with you all, talk with the outside world. Needless to say, cabin fever is something we’re combating.

It’s helpful to communicate with all of you back home and helps us feel connected to home and it gives us hope that one day we’ll be able to get back there.


John Griswold is asking, “I picked up the transmission late. Has any attempt to contact the Shapers and/or N'Zeer to aid against Nemesis?”

Well, you know my opinion on the Exogenous but I guess if things get bad enough. Maybe it’s an option. I don’t know that we’re there yet though.


Hmm...looks...looks like I might be...okay…


[Unknown’s voice: Devra, 10 minutes until the braking RPE.]


Okay. I only have 10 minutes left you guys.


I’m do for a briefing.


Okay, Katie Ishira Norris, “Edgars fighting for you. He’s been giving Essex messages from you guys.”

I’m glad to hear it. Say hello. And stay in contact with him if he sends any messages this way, please let me know.


Gustavo Martins, “I am Nemesis. We are watching this transmission.”

I guess that our questions, Agents.


Ariel Diana, “Did Niantic researchers actually create telegram accounts, or were they accounts created by Nemesis to pose as researchers?”

I’m not sure we’ll be able to use our telegram accounts from where we are now but as far as I’m concerned I did I had a telegram account. So that was mine. It wasn’t Nemesis. Unless there’s a second account which I wouldn’t know about, so just be careful and we don’t have access to them anyways here.


Mustafa Said is saying, “Given Wright's 'condition' as a result of RPE experimentation is there anything we can do to help jog his memories?”

It’s a great question. Umm...hmm...Let me think about that...You know, I’m not sure...but we do think that memory loss is a side effect of remote participation experiences. It’s important that we catalog all of the potential negative side effects of RPE. So, that people choosing to utilize RPE understand what they’re getting themselves into.


Debora Orf, “What should we do when this stream ends?”

Keep fighting Nemesis. And keep your eyes open for messages from us. We will be trying to get communications out to you.


Did you get warning about the Nemesis threat? We tried to use our limited ability with the scanner to get that information to you.


Ayuto Narutaki, “Where are you going by RPE?” Well, no one has gone anywhere yet. That’s another thing we’re currently trying to determine what the most effective use of it is in order to combat Nemesis directly. We’re trying to figure out you know where Nemesis is operating, where their vulnerabilities exist. Hopefully they have vulnerabilities. But we believe we have some leads. Now that we know Nemesis is listening, I’m not going to give you that information on here. But look out for some messages.


Okay good, David Indo SkyFire Swanson, “Explain RPE to use level 7 players.”

Hmm...basically should let us project avatars ourselves into other worlds. It’s temporary Simulacra sort of how it works and it’s very limited. We only have small windows of time that we can do this for which is why we need your help because our hands are pretty much tied the rest of the time, the only time we can actually use this tech from what I understand is during Anomalous period. So it’s incredibly limited. But at least if our Simulacra are destroyed, we think we should remain safe here. Again we don’t know exactly what all of the side effects are going to be in projecting ourselves into these avatars, into        the Simulacra. But we will be mapping not out and logging all of those that information. And again if you can talk to David...Dr.Wright it’s possible that he might have information for us. So that might be really helpful if you could send over information.


Gerald Wolf is saying, “Say “"Hello"” to Carrie, and ask her if she has any idea regarding communicational encryption. Would be a shame if any info we send to you were intercepted by Nemesis.”

I will. And if anyone can come up with an encryption to hide our messages from Nemesis she can.


[Unknown’s voice: 5 minutes Devra.]


I have 5 minutes you guys before I have to go into this meeting.


Jochem Pieper, pretty sure I said that wrong apologies, is asking, “How can we fight Nemesis if we don't even know what it is?”

I mean that’s the question isn’t it? I mean if we get information on Nemesis, we will get messages out to you, we will communicate that to you. But we’re also hoping that you can uncover some and send it to us. But the minute we uncover information on Nemesis we will be sending all intel to you. help you combat Nemesis.


Nathan Li, “Devra, do you guys still eat and drink after being reset? Do you still sleep?”

Yes, I’m actually back in my living breathing body.’s...I’m actually alive in my actual body. I’ll only be a Simulacrum if I use the RPE, and if we’re able to get that up and we determined that I should use it. We are sleeping again, it’s strange here, time is strange here, so it’s been a little bit difficult, there’s no night and day. So It’s difficult to know when to sleep. And yes, we are eating. We seem have plenty of supplies for the time being.


Steven Curley is asking, “If we still have access to the Prime Artifacts that triggered the Osiris sequence and the tech to open a bridge to other universes. Could we engage the process again to create a bridge to the bubble? We don’t need to engage the XM shut.”

Umm...I suppose if you were, if you all are able to RPE, it could be of help. But as we know, it can be incredibly dangerous. So again, please don’t do that lightly. I don’t want anyone...I don’t want anymore people getting hurt. Be careful.


Katie Ishira Norris, “If the Glyphs were not your message in the scanner, what was your message to us?”

...My message was just to let you know that... where we were, to alert you that we were going to be attempting broadcast.


Martin Pilgaard is asking, “Is there a Way for you to equip select few Agents with RPE gear in order for us to join you and gain intelligence from you without compromising it with Nemesis?”

You know what that’s great idea. Can ask Dr.Wright about that?


[Unknown’s voice: Devra! ]


[Warning sound]


[Unknown’s voice: Devra! Stop this happening! Stop! ]


[Unknown’s voice: Come on! ]


[Unknown’s voice: Real quick! ]


[Warning sound off]




[Unknown A: Ah, that was... ]


[Unknown B: That was challenge.]


[Unknown C: I think good! ]


[Unknown A: This was me. ]


[Unknown B: Yeah, every moment for I was feeling good. Sounds like “I ~ was this for!” ]