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「バンクシー作品らしきネズミの絵」の東京都庁での展示 / "Possible Banksy Work" exhibit at Tokyo Metropolitan Government building

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「バンクシー作品らしきネズミの絵」の東京都庁での展示を見てきた。I went "Possible Banksy Work" exhibit at Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. どんな場所で展示されているかという展示場所周辺の様子は以下が詳しい。Exhibition place photos are here↓



[公開日時]4月25日(木)から5月8日(水) 9時30分から18時30分まで

【展示の説明:英語 Description in English】

Possible Banksy Work
This is a spray painted rat found on the tide gate at Tokyo Bay area.
In response to information provided that it might be the work of Banksy, a world-renowned grafic artist, the panel was removed in January 2019.
Tokyo Metroplitan Government (here in after called "TMG") has been consulting with experts, however the authenticity is unknown.
Although grafiti on public property is not acceptable under any circumstances, due to a high level of public interest, the TMG has decided to take this oppotunity to exhibit the work.

Dates: from April 25 - May 8, 2019
Open Hours: 9:30 - 18:30

*Please note that the exhibit closes at 14:00 on May 8.

2 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Photo: TMG

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これがあの絵か。 #banksy #Tokyo #東京 Is this you or not? @banksy

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